A Small Business Owner's Dream

Blusimba Manages Corporate Branding Domains & Websites Social Media Accounts Digital Advertising Lead Generation A Complete CRM Customers & Sales Tasks & Tasks Client Billing Business Directories Promotional Items HR & Employees

A Blusimba account gives you access to a complete suite of productivity software solutions and services designed to help small business owners start and grow any type of business. Get all the essential business tools you need on one platform. 

Blusimba Is A Small Business Owner's Dream

One Platform To Manage .

Blusimba offers a complete suite of productivity software solutions and services designed to help small business owners start and grow any type of business. You get access to all the essential business tools you need on one platform with centralized billing. 

Blusimba Business Solutions


As a small business owner, we know you wear many hats, managing multiple tasks. We built Blusimba™ so you can use productivity software to generate leads, manage sales, contracts, invoicing, HR, marketing, social media, your websites and most of your daily tasks- from one platform.

Corporate Services

Register a new business by yourself or get professional help from a lawyer in your state and meet local compliance & regulatory standards.

Legal Plans & More

Learn about the benefits of signing up for a personal or business legal plan.

Domains & Webhosting

Secure your brand. Acquire a unique domain name and create a website with a few clicks or hire the Blusimba Development team to build it for you.

Build Digital Footprints

Buy a domain, setup your WordPress website yourself if you can or lets do it for you

CRM & Projects

Generate leads, manage clients and projects using a modern CRM that covers most departments and fully integrates into your website to help you grow sales

More Than A CRM

Blusimba CRM goes beyond tradional CRM's. Its a Virtual Office, Contact Center & More

Social Media & Brands

Manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts, collect reviews, monitor the competition and grow your brand.

Take Control

You can listen, promote and engage customers on social media from one dashboard.

Ecommerce & Sales

It doesn't matter whether you are offering services or selling products, you will need an ecommerce solution to automate sales and grow.

Woocommerce Shops

Create an online store, upload products and start selling without hassle

Digital Advertising

Our Blusimba Ads Manager gives you the power to create and manage multiple Google Ads campaigns directly from your brand's dashboard.

Advertising Made Easy

This add-on manages every aspect of their campaigns – from beginning to launch.

Business Listings & SEO

Most customers start the purchase process by searching for the product online. Business directory listings helps you get found.

Get Found Locally

Most new prospects in todays online conversions start from a simple local search.

Live Stream Multi-Casting

Coming Soon - Multicast one live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch simultaneously and save on bandwidth & time.

Legal Plans & More

Create an online store, upload products and start selling without hassle

App Marketplace

Access to a modern productivity app marketplace where you can try, buy and even resell applications to your clients as an affiliate

Advertising Made Easy

This add-on manages every aspect of their campaigns – from beginning to launch.

Blusimba Services


Blusimba has a full service application development team that can design and build software solutions for most business use cases. Our dev teams can handles projects from ideation to implementation. Talk to one of our Business Consulatants for free. 

Web Development
Brand ID Services
Profesional SEO
Digital Advertising

How To Get Started


Register your business and start building your brand. A Blusimba account will help you automate daily business tasks and manage your small business more effectively so you can spend more time with the family. 

Create Account

A free Blusimba account guarantees access to both free and paid software productivity tools to help manage your small business.

Get Free SEO Report

Our free Digital report provides you with a summary of how your business is performing online. Use this report to build your brand.

Build Web Presence

Choose a hosting plan, a premium template and create your website using the world's most popular page builder or lets do it for you  

Promote Your Brand

Use Blusimba's productivity and marketing applications to position and promote your brand. Grow and gwo your client base.

"Amazing platform. And very clean!"

I have been using Blusimba for only a few months but I am very excited at the possibilities this platform provides when it comes to managing my delivery business. I am learning how to automate all the things I used to spend a ton of time on... gamechanger!
Chris Evans Hutton
CEO, Jargos logistics

More Blusimba Benefits

Small business owners spend a lot of time managing time-consuming chores that can automated or outsourced to a professional. The Blusimba platform helps you generate leads, sell, manage customers, raise contracts or invoice clients and automate social media. It’s convenient, secure and money-smart.

Register your new business, apply for a Tax Identification number or EIN and create your brand's identity in record time.

You save when you bundle multiple applications on Blusimba using one centralized billing platform. 

Most SMB's can’t maintain a large workforce but they depend heavily on productivity tools to get more work done every day.

Who keeps a large workforce? Use qualified, vetted professionals to get stuff done quickly & remotely without onboarding a cat. 

Guaranteed access to both free and paid software productivity tools to help manage almost all aspects of your small business.

Automating your digital marketing using AI will keep your Products & Services in front of your clients with easy-to-read reports. 

Everything A Business Needs To Grow

You create a free BluSimba™ account, build a profile for your business and choose the apps you want to work with. You will have immediate access to all our free productivity tools to help manage your small business until you are ready to transition to one of our paid plans. 

My Tasks
Key Info

Your dashboard provides daily productivity tips and weather info based on your location anywhere around the world.

Work Area

Monitor every project, campaign and customize what shows up in your work area based on what’s important to you. 

Your Menu

This is your dynamic menu area. Its frequently updated with all your backend processes so you don’t miss anyimportant notifications. 


This is where you keep an eye on all communications with clients and your team.


Look Under The Hood

Productivity tools are designed to help you run a business more efficiently. That’s why we are investing in putting together a comprehensive product knowledgebase and a forum of experienced users and tech people to help answer all your questions in a timely fashion. Take a peek in there.


We have compiled detailed documentation that may answer most of the questions on our products. Please check it out.

Video Tutorials

There are video tutorials for most of the processes and use case scenarios for all our products. Check out the tutorials here.


We have a professional team providing you 24/7 support across all platforms.
Please click to contact support

Blusimba General FAQ's

Please on any of the "Sign Up" buttons or go to Blusimba.com/signup, enter your name and business details to create a free account. 

Yes. We offer Free Trials for most of our products and the dashboard. You will need a credit card to activate free trials

No. Most Blusimba products are built  to benefit all types of businesses. Our Web Development, Hosting, Streaming services etc., bcan be used by a business anywhere in the world but there are products like the Business Directory Listings and a few other services that are limited to businesses in the United States because of of the nature of its reporting structure. 

Yes you can! We bundled the products to help users save. If you want to subscribe to only one of our products - eg. Streaming - select it as an add-on or single product. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Yes we do! But please take not that refunds can only be approved by the credit department based on the merit of its request. Because we want to minimize requests for refunds, we offer free trials on most of our products. Please take advantage of that free period before you are billed to decide if you want to transaction to a paid account.   

All our products are billed on a monthly basis. All invoices are generated 30 days from when you signed up for your product or service on Blusimba.com 


Blusimba Business Club

We created the Blusimba Business Club as an exclusive invite-only society for business people who are looking to connect and share ideas with like minded peers from around the world. BBC Members get special rates on all our products, first peak at new brands we introduce, discounts on lifestyle brands and exclusive content and presentations from Fortune 500 business executives. Take your businesses to  the next level using the Blusimba Business Club.