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Yes. We offer Free Trials for most of our products and the dashboard. You will need a credit card to activate free trials


No. Most Blusimba products are built to benefit all types of businesses. Our Web Development, Hosting, Streaming services etc., bcan be used by a business anywhere in the world but there are products like the Business Directory Listings and a few other services that are limited to businesses in the United States because of of the nature of its reporting structure.
Yes you can! We bundled the products to help users save. If you want to subscribe to only one of our products – eg. Streaming – select it as an add-on or single product. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Yes we do! But please take not that refunds can only be approved by the credit department based on the merit of its request. Because we want to minimize requests for refunds, we offer free trials on most of our products. Please take advantage of that free period before you are billed to decide if you want to transaction to a paid account.
All our products are billed on a monthly basis. All invoices are generated 30 days from when you signed up for your product or service on