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Client Powered Unified Communications

Blusimba gives you access to a complete suite of productivity software solutions and services specifically designed to help small business owners start, manage and grow any type of business – from one platform. 


Everything You Need In A Virtual Office

Small business owners spend a lot of time managing time-consuming chores that can automated or outsourced to a professional. The Blusimba platform helps you generate leads, sell, manage customers, raise contracts or invoice clients and automate social media. It’s convenient, secure and money-smart.

  • CRM
Corporate Services Domains & Websites Office Adminstration Social Media & Brands
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Please go the sign up page for any of our product pages, enter your name and business details and create a free account. 

Yes, you will need to sign up for a free trial in other to be able to test out the platform. You will need a credit card to enable free trials

No. Most Blusimba products are built  to benefit all types of businesses Eg. Web Development, Hosting, Streaming etc but there some services that are limited to businesses in the United States because of of the nature of its reporting structure. 

Yes you can! We bundled the products to help users save. If you want to subscribe to only one of our products - eg. Streaming - select it as an add-on or single product. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Yes we do! But please take not that refunds can only be approved by the credit department based on the merit of its request. Because we want to minimize requests for refunds, we offer free trials on most of our products. Please take advantage of that free period before you are billed to decide if you want to transaction to a paid account.   

All our products are billed on a monthly basis. All invoices are generated 30 days from when you signed up for your product or service on Blusimba.com 

Turnkey Module
Service Module

Choose our Turnkey (DIY)  module, create an account and follow the easy step by step process to so set up your account, edit and publish your website, choose your business apps and grow your brand. This is  for small business owners who have some prior exposure to digital marketing platforms.  You will have access to our forums, videos and to our awesome support team - 7 days a week .

Corporate Services Domains & Websites Office Adminstration Social Media & Brands
Liton Arefin Developer Litonice11
Roy Jemee Content Writer @Litonice11
Akbar Hossain Designer @AkbarHo33850947
Jewel Theme Website @jwthemeltd
Chats & Video Calls

Register your new business, apply for a Tax Identification number or EIN and create your brand’s identity in record time.

Project Calendar

Guaranteed access to both free and paid software productivity tools to help manage almost all aspects of your small business.

Marketing Automation

Automating your digital marketing using AI will keep your Products & Services in front of your clients with easy-to-read reports. 

Manage Tasks

You save when you bundle multiple applications on Blusimba using one centralized billing platform. 

Invoicing & Billing

Most SMB’s can’t maintain a large workforce but they depend heavily on productivity tools to get more work done every day.

It's Simple. Outsource It.

Who keeps a large workforce? Use qualified, vetted professionals to get stuff done quickly & remotely without onboarding a cat. 


Here's How It Works

You create a free BluSimba™ account, build a profile for your business and choose the apps you want to work with. You will have immediate access to all our free productivity tools to help manage your small business until you are ready to transition to one of our paid plans. 


Videos & Training Manuals

We created the Blusimba Business Club and a product knowledgebase forum for like minded business owners to learn more about how to move their businesses to  the next level using Blusimba. The platform encourages interaction and networking amongst people with a mission to accomplish a vision. 🙂 

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The Blusimba team is dedicated to helping you succeed

Its a win win for all of us if your business does well. Its why we are willing to dedicate so much of our resources to making sure we are listening to you the customer, ready to help at every turn. 

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