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Make your work easier with Dynamics 365 by using applications that handle all aspects of your business, including sales, finance, customer service, human resources, and supply chain management.

The essential applications for your company's success

Dynamics 365 offers a comprehensive suite of CRM and ERP applications that gather information from various sources, providing you with fresh perspectives on your sales, customer service, and operational processes. These powerful apps can improve your business in numerous ways, and here are just three examples of what’s available in Dynamics 365.
Business Central

Run your business from one program. Join the information from all divisions, like Accounting, Logistics, Marketing, and Technical Support, and save it in a single repository. Your workers will be more efficient and you will have a better understanding of your operations.


Gain an in-depth understanding of your customers' requirements to target the right customers and secure more agreements. Additionally, build personalized documents and emails for the sales team, and connect with customers on LinkedIn to acquire further details concerning their business and personnel.

Power Apps

A user-friendly platform with a drag-and-drop function that enables you to construct a graphical user interface for a mobile application, embedding choices and text boxes. Consumers can construct and execute apps on web browsers, like Firefox or Chrome, or access them on iOS, Android or Windows gadgets.

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Programs that promote the
expansion of your organization

Customer Relationship Management

Gain an even deeper understanding of your customers requirements to be able to accurately target the right clientele for successful deals. Produce custom documents and emails for your sales force, and reach out to customers on LinkedIn to learn more about the company and its employees.

Your customer service representatives will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of each customer, including their prior interactions and likes. They can communicate with customers on the platform of their choice, whether it be chat, text, email, mobile, or Facebook Messenger.

Launch customized multichannel marketing initiatives with email, webpages, and events. Utilize adjustable templates to craft individualized promotional assets. Organizing corporate events has never been simpler!



With Field Service, you can keep track of customer warranties, view past repairs and maintenance schedules, manage your inventory from a mobile device, and easily find a technician with the specific skills needed for a job.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business financial status with a single application. Monitor cash flow, keep track of inventory, and bill customers. Remain informed of your account details, budgets, sales orders, and vendor management.

Implement machine learning to optimize warehouse operations. Utilize AI to predict stock levels and prevent shortages or overstocks. Avoid downtime, enhance product quality, and predict potential issues before they arise by leveraging machine learning. Monitor production in real time for optimal results.

Enable your customers to purchase your products whenever they desire and with whatever device they prefer. Integrate digital, physical store and back office operations into one system. Strengthen customer loyalty by providing a personalized selection of goods based on the data you have gathered.

Maximize the efficiency of your HR programs by enlisting LinkedIn Talent Solutions to find the perfect candidates for your organization. Give your managers access to data on the performance of their teams so that potential issues can be addressed before they become serious. Finally, empower your employees by allowing them to manage their own training, performance tracking, and vacation requests.

Control your business from a single program. Link data from diverse divisions, including Accounting, Logistics, Marketing and Customer Support, and store it in one database. This will make your personnel more effective and you will have a clearer picture of your processes.

Create templates that can be reused and modified for each project. Have a clear idea of where you are in the process and who is responsible for what. Quickly assess if the project will be profitable and if it will meet the customer‘s requirements.

Power Platform

A business analytics tool that provides insights into data through interactive visuals, dashboards, and stories. It enables users to interpret data more easily and make informed decisions to drive improvements.

A userfriendly platform that offers a draganddrop option to construct a user interface for mobile applications and incorporate components like selection fields and text boxes. Apps can be generated and utilized on web browsers, like Firefox or Chrome, or else utilized on iOS, Android, or Windows gadgets.

Previously referred to as Microsoft Flow, this product makes it easy for users to design their own workflows, create alerts and automated emails without any coding skills. It can help save time, minimize potential for mistakes and make workflow processes easier.

Nontechnical individuals can create their own virtual chatbots or agents from the beginning and keep an eye on their progress. They can oversee the whole development process of a chatbot, from the flow of data to the development phase and finally to its deployment on a platform such as Teams, without requiring any coding experience.


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