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Do You offer any other services?

Yes. Blusimba offers Professional SEO and Digital Advertising services to our clients because a website by itself is just one piece of the puzzle. A solid digital marketing strategy is needed in order to truly grow your business.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don’t offer refunds for hosting packages you have already started using. We do not offer refunds for websites that have already been developed and handed over to the client.

Can I cancel my hosting plan?

Yes you can. If you would like to move your website  to another platform, you can cancel your plan. Please note that you need to secure new hosting before you cancel and migrate your site to its new garage. If you need help, please contact our support team using

Do you provide customer support after development?

Yes! We have a professional support team that responds promptly and is always available to respond to your phone call, live chat or email. You can also reach us via any of our social media platforms. 

Do I pay any monthly recurring fees?

Yes. The development cost for your website is a one-off fee. But you have to pay for the hosting of that website on a monthly basis just like you will on any other hosting company.

What is the cost of development for my website?

We have three main development plans – Starter, Business and Premium. Each plan has a different set of features and is limited to specific templates. For example, the Starter Plan only allows templates that are useful to small businesses/personal blogs focused on sharing just information whereas the Premium Plan enables a user to sell online…

What is the difference between a template and a website?

A template is what we refer to as a Prebuit Website. These are design layouts created to fit the needs of a specific industry or trade. Eg, Doctors, Hairdresser, Life Coach, an online fashion store. When we use the term “Website” here on Blusimba, we are referring to a template that has been customized and…

Can I use multiple templates for my website?

You can only use one template at a time. You can request to have your template changed and customized for you at a cost after your project is completed but you cannot use two Prebuilt templates for your website at the same time.

What is the development process after I sign up for a plan ?

You will receive an email with clear instructions on what will happen next.  1. Step one will be the discovery conversation with your assigned project manager.   2. Step 2 will be gathering all your website content. 3. Step 3 will be developing your site. 4. Step 4 will be reviewing and approving your brand…

How soon can my website launch?

Your website can be developed and handed over in 7 working days. Please note that the project delivery timeline will depend on how quickly we receive all content, images and requested material from you.