A CRM solution specifically tailored for small businesses

Centralize all of your client interactions, communications, and applications in one place.

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Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of searching through your inbox or spreadsheets for important customer information. Nimble is a comprehensive social sales and marketing CRM that consolidates all of your contacts, communication history, emails, and calendars into one easy-to-use platform. Plus, you can access this information from anywhere, whether you’re using Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, or Google Workspace.
You can access this information from Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Google Workspace in any workplace.

A more effective approach to handling customer relationships

Gain more knowledge about your leads to make successful sales. Cut down on the time you spend with Nimble.

Automating sales and marketing processes:

Keeping track of customer information from various sources can be challenging, and ensuring the data is always current can be even harder. Nimble uses AI to complete and update your contact records, providing you with the most recent email, phone number, location, title, and company information for each person.

Insightful business intelligence derived from social media

Determine your key prospects and the nature of their businesses with ease. Simply provide a name, email address, or social profile, and Nimble will automatically create a comprehensive contact record for you. This record provides you with valuable information about your prospects, including their location, title, company, and other important details.

Flexible and adaptable dashboard

The sales dashboard is the go-to source for your sales team to find information about their key prospects and customers. This powerful tool provides a quick and easy way for your sales team to monitor their sales pipelines, keep track of priorities, and establish strong relationships with the right customers.

Increase efficiency and output

Streamline your signature process by using one platform to manage, distribute, and automate all email signatures for your employees.

Enhance the image and reputation of your brand

Unify the visual representation of your company's brand across all email signatures.

Simple and straightforward to implement

Effortlessly distribute and assign updated email signatures with just a few clicks of a button.

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