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Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

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Hosted Exchange


Multiple plans to suit your business needs, all plans include free migration & support.




Email and Collaboration Tools are Critical for Your Business

Trust Blusimba, the Leader in Hosted Exchange and Collaboration Services

Email and Collaboration Applications are Essential for the Success of Your Business.
Trust Blusimba, the Leader in Hosted Exchange and Collaboration Services

Migration Included:

Our team of skilled professionals can move your data from any email platform with no interruptions. We will work with you to build a tailor-made solution that meets your requirements. As part of our six-stage transfer process, we will establish your cloud-based environment and install your email software. Do you have a more complex migration? We are also able to manage hybrid deployment and phased migrations. Blusimba has already shifted over 50,000 organizations to its Hosted Exchange system.


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