Microsoft 365 Backup Powered by Veeam

Microsoft 365 Backup Powered by Veeam

Microsoft 365 Backup Powered by Veeam

Managed Cloud

Microsoft 365 Backup Powered by Veeam


We can provide you with a comprehensive backup as a service (BaaS) solution to manage your business-essential Microsoft 365 data.




Smooth M365 backup:

Does Microsoft 365 store a backup of your data?

Do you understand? It’s up to you to protect your M365 data and not Microsoft’s. Take action and make sure your M365 data is safeguarded with our full Backup as a Service solution.

Backing up all Microsoft 365 components in one location.

You don’t have to set up, adjust, or look after hardware anymore with M365 backup powered by Veeam. Just select a straightforward and comprehensive cloud-based BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service) solution.

Preserve Microsoft 365 information.

Create a backup and safeguard Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams data from unintentional deletion and security risks.

Act swiftly and adapt quickly.

All the tools you need to promptly access and retrieve Microsoft 365 information. Decide the method and location for data restoration.

Compliant and easy to use.

Storage of sensitive information in the highest-quality facilities with a one-year retention period, plus automated detection and safeguarding to fulfil your data security needs.

Self-service portal:

Allow users to recover their most current backup through a simple web interface, allowing IT personnel to focus on more pressing tasks.

Simple to use:

M365 data can be safeguarded without any trouble owing to its simple set up and administration, its ability to automatically detect and protect data, and its provision of precise recovery options.

An all-in-one answer.

A comprehensive backup and storage system for Microsoft 365 data makes it easy to fulfill your obligations.

Consistent pricing

Paying on a per user basis eliminates any concerns regarding storage and data transfer expenses. You can receive discounts based on the length of your agreement and the number of people in your organization.

The information you provide is always in your possession.

All the data you have is still under your control—if you choose to end your use of our service, make sure to take any backups you have with you.

Discover even more potential

Blusimba provides exclusive extras that enable you to get the most out of your plan.

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