Nerdio (WVD)

Nerdio (WVD)

Nerdio (WVD)

Managed Cloud

Nerdio (WVD)


Simplify the process of setting up and running Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure with just a few clicks.




Accelerate the implementation of your virtual desktop.

Implementing virtual desktops quickly and simply.

Eliminate the hassle of transitioning workforces to the cloud by leveraging Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Azure. Streamline the entire process and reduce costs and deployment time.

Features & capabilities:

  • Simple, automated & guided deployment
  • Seamless integrations into existing deployments
  • Intuitive user & session management
  • Complete session host management
  • Unified desktop image creation & management
  • Usage & performance monitoring
  • Built-in FSLogix profile management
  • Administrator event notifications
  • Advanced schedule and event-based autoscaling
  • Desktop Image and host backup and versioning
  • Role-based WVD tenant management
  • Complete, trackable audit trail


Nerdio Manager for MSP is an efficient and straightforward platform for Managed Service Providers that allows for the deployment, management, and optimization of Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 within three clicks, without the need for an experienced engineer. This platform allows for automatic provisioning in as little as an hour or the connection of an already existing deployment in minutes, along with easy management in a single portal. Additionally, it offers cost savings of up to 75%.


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