Ensure your email is protected

Provide an extra layer of protection for Microsoft 365 and Hosted Exchange to block out junk mail, scams, and malicious software.

Are the safety protocols in place at your business sufficient to protect against email-based threats?

Given that email is the primary method of attack for cyber criminals, it is vital to add an additional layer of security to your email system in order to minimize the risk of data breaches due to external threats and human error.


of malware is delivered via email, making it the most common attack vector (Verizon, 2019)


increase in average number of companies targeted by imposter email in 2019 vs. 2018 (Proofpoint, 2019)


of data breaches include either phishing or malware as their method of delivery (Verizon, 2019)

Secure email from potential hazards and malicious assaults with Proofpoint

Proofpoint email protection serves as an extra layer of protection for your cyber security system. Utilize it to help protect your email from junk mail, phishing, and malware while still making sure compliance and business continuity. With the capacity to manage, protect, and monitor incoming and outgoing messages, Proofpoint makes it simple for businesses to take a proactive stance towards cyber security.

Compliance capabilities

Secure email by using encryption, implement data loss prevention (DLP), and establish guidelines for permissible email usage.

Advanced spam filtering

Safeguard yourself against major hazards such as malware and phishing.

Threat prevention

Bid farewell to bothersome spam, bulk email, and graymail by utilizing detailed controls.

Detailed reporting

Gain complete insight into email data in order to take proactive measures against problems and threats.

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