Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service

SOC As A Service is a managed security offering provided by Blusimba MSP to help organizations stay secure and compliant.

SOC as a Service provides continuous monitoring, threat detection and response, and incident management capabilities. Your organization can benefit from Blusimba MSP ’s expertise and experience to help protect your assets and maintain compliance.

The Blusimba MSP SOC As A Service offering includes:

With SOC As A Service, organizations have the assurance of knowing that their networks and data are protected

Our security experts work around the clock to monitor your systems and detect any threats or suspicious activity.

Additionally, Blusimba MSP offers security awareness and training for employees to ensure that everyone is aware of the latest security practices and protocols. This helps to protect against social engineering and other exploits.

Blusimba MSP also provides regular audits to ensure that the organization is meeting all industry and government regulations. This helps to protect against fines and penalties from non-compliance. With Blusimba MSP ’s SOC As A Service, organizations can benefit from the expertise and experience of a team of security professionals. This helps to ensure that their networks and data are secure and compliant.

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If a threat is detected, the team will respond quickly and efficiently to mitigate the risk.

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