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The Blusimba Virtual Office application can be used by almost all types of businesses whether they are small, medium or big organizations and within any industry. Here are a few examples of how businesses around the world are using Blusimba”.

Use Cases By Business

Solo Entrepreneur

Solopreneurs are “one man” businesses or what is referred to as a Mom n pop store. Most Solopreneurs manage all aspects of their business themselves.

This can be hectic and time consuming. And so most smart small business owners have resorted to using productivity tools like Blusimba to automate some of their processes and collaborate, manage projects, time and billing all without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Here is how most solopreneurs are using Blusimba

Everyday Use Cases

Real Time Communication
Client Interaction Management
Tasks and projects
Document Management and Collaboration
Integration with Social Networks
Invoices Inside the CRM

Small Businesses

Starting a business can be easy, depending on what you are going to sell or how you sell it (in- store brick and mortar shop/office or online). Even where you are in the world can make it easier to start a business. Growing a business however, is another story. It’s still one of the more challenging duties most small business owners face because they need to be able to scale operations and hire as the cliente grows without breaking a stride. The Blusimba application provides the operational structure and the right set of tools to help SMBs build both the internal infrastructure and manage external relationships. Manage people, projects, clients, and marketing, all from a single platform.

Everyday Use Cases

Tasks & Projects
Real Time Communications
File Sharing & Storage
Time Management & Calendars
Customer Relations Management (CRM)
Human Resources Management (HR)

You need a competent tool that helps you easily communicate with colleagues, brainstorm to reach solutions, and manage projects. All of these tasks can be easily completed using a service called


The closer you are to that coveted dominating spot on the market, the more complex your business gets. With hundreds of employees, multiple business units and numerous locations across the globe, keeping order and harmony is a challenge. Bitrix24 solves the complexities of big companies, transforming them from stagnant and unmanageable to lean, powerful and productive.

Bitrix24 Features

Full Featured Project Management
Collaboration Across Functions
Social CRM Applications
Big Data Analytics & Insights
Access Permissions
Advanced Reporting & Gantt Charts
Employee Workload Management
Automated Workflows & Templates
Mobile App